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Khalidís abstract style, bold and fearless brush work allow him to communicate emotions and mode felt at the moment of painting. His paintings are gestural, impactful and full of movements. Each of his pieces is full of warmth, life and color, which reflects the man behind the brush perfectly.

His lively brush strokes, whether straight or more playfully curving and dancing, always convey a sense of emotions and delight in his art. He obviously loves to paint. The viewer sees this and it is rather contagious, joyful and energizing. Each of his pieces is full of warmth, life and color, which reflects the man behind the brush perfectly.

To him creativity is a derivative of mode and ambience during painting sessions. He believes that, the character of a painting reflects the mode of the artist thru brush strokes, texture and color.

He believes that a painting has a life of its own that evolves during painting session. It develops as he draws lines and colours on the canvas.

Following is how he started painting, as he describes it:

I started painting at age of 12. But, I fell in love with painting when I was first introduced to oil paints at the age of 15. It was the first time I had the feeling of a mature painter, when I had to wait for several days for the oil paint to dry on the canvas. At that time, I had to ride on my bike for several miles to an art shop owned by a British woman. It was the only art shop that sold oil paint in my country.

After abandoning painting for several years, I started painting again, but in watercolor, when Paul Cezanneís still life paintings inspired me. Watercolors were the only medium I used. I painted mostly using a wet-on-wet technique. I fell deeply in love with how watercolor handled and how the paint pigments moved as water dried on the paper.

Then, I abandoned painting again until beginning of 2013 when I arranged an art exhibition for several artists. During the exhibition, I realized that if I had my own paintings, they would have fit nicely among other paintings being displayed. So, I started painting again, but this time, I started painting in acrylics. Since this exhibition, I have been painting continuously in acrylics and oils.


Vanquish by Khalid Alzayani


Exodus by Khalid Alzayani


I won't follow by Khalid Alzayani


Without you by Khalid Alzayani


Resentful by Khalid Alzayani


Disobedience by Khalid Alzayani


Frost by Khalid Alzayani


Chill by Khalid Alzayani


More joy by Khalid Alzayani


Blame by Khalid Alzayani


Diamond in the rough by Khalid Alzayani


Fairy tale by Khalid Alzayani


Arrogance by Khalid Alzayani


Fairy tale by Khalid Alzayani


No more potatoes.. please by Khalid Alzayani


No looking back by Khalid Alzayani


Masjed II by Khalid Alzayani


Enough to sink a ship by Khalid Alzayani


Ils ne savent pas que vous ne savez rien by Khalid Alzayani


Cure by Khalid Alzayani


Sahara by Khalid Alzayani


Madam Ivonne by Khalid Alzayani


Passage by Khalid Alzayani


Oasis by Khalid Alzayani


Waiting by Khalid Alzayani